The last thing anyone wants is to have a guest in their home or a client in their business scowl at how dingy the floors look especially if they are carpet. Because your floors are one of the first things someone will see walking in to your home or business, they should look their best and we can help you as an affordable vinyl flooring company.

For several years, C. Harris Flooring has been the leading distributor of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring and we offer many other floorings as well including vinyl. Our business is run by Clint Harris and is locally owned. We have licenses in Broward County, Palm Beach County, and St. John’s County. We are also fully insured.

Vinyl flooring company pompano beach

Professional Vinyl Flooring Company in Pompano Beach

Our goal as a business is to add style, value and beauty to your home or office through your flooring. The day we will install your flooring, you will see the beauty in it and will continue to do so for years to come. All of our installers are factory certified with a specialty in stairs. They do not work as subcontractors and work exclusively for our company only.

For existing homes requiring vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach, we will install floors in living areas, family areas, dens and play areas, kitchens, stairs and lofts.

For new construction jobs, out team will install flooring in residential areas, condos, multifamily homes, townhomes, garden homes and commercial buildings.

If you are looking for a company that will work with insurance reasons, we will work with builders, remodelers, contractors and a home or building with fire or water damage.


Pompano Beach Flooring Company 

If you take on a floor makeover alone on top of work and other matters of life it could become stressful and overwhelming. As a Pompano Beach flooring company, we will ensure every step of the process will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Design Consultation

Deciding you want to update your flooring is the first step. The next step is to figure out what flooring you are looking for. Whether it is vinyl or another type of flooring, our design consultation will help you decide what flooring is right for you.

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 Free Estimate

If you are working with a budget, it is no problem for us. We will be able to work with you from the beginning by giving you a free estimate. Throughout the process, we will make sure everything goes as close to plan as possible so we do not break the bank.

Furniture Moving

Before the old flooring can be removed to prepare for the old flooring, all of your furniture has to be moved. With the care of our professional team, your furniture will be moved out of the way safely.

Carpet Disposal

If you are getting rid of your carpet, we will be able to dispose of it for you so you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself. In Pompano Beach, we offer free carpet disposal.


When your new flooring is ready to go in, we will do the work for you. We have full installation services that include every supply or service you need for a stress-free installation. Our installers are licensed and insured to ensure a perfect and safe installation.

Green Products

For those of you who live a “green” lifestyle, we have many products that will work perfectly for you. Some of these products include bamboo, cork and reclaimed wood.

Vinyl Flooring

As one of the most durable and resilient flooring products on the market, we provide clients with an exceptional selection of vinyl products, both in sheet and tile form. Vinyl may not be the real thing, but once it is installed you won’t know the difference and will realize its beauty.


When it is time for a new floor, let us help you with every step possible. We can help you move your furniture, remove your old carpet, give you a free estimate, and help you decide on what floor will be right for you when you don’t know yourself. C. Harris Flooring will be there for you when your home or office needs updating.