C. Harris Flooring is the Best Laminate Flooring Company in Pompano Beach, Florida

One of the best ways to add value and style to your home is to put in new flooring. Carpeting can be nice, it’s comfortable nd can have all sorts of designs and colors, but it comes with the increased risk of wear and tear and stains. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is both incredibly easy to keep clean (through regular sweeping and vacuuming to pick up grit that can grind away at the flooring over time) and stylish, since laminate flooring can take on the look of dozens of different types of hardwood. On top of that, laminate flooring is cheap and easy to install!

Best Laminate Flooring Company in Pompano Beach

C. Harris Flooring has been involved with laminate flooring for years, and we are accustomed and ready for every part of the process, from design to ordering to installation. We are a leading distributor of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, which is the best laminate flooring on the market for a variety of reasons. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring is made in the USA, it has longer length planks than most laminate flooring on the market (which means the installed floor ends up looking far more similar to hardwood floors than other laminates on the market) and uses a number of patented technologies, including: the Uniclic system which is designed to prevent water damage and warping, the direct pressure laminate technology which provides a completely balanced floor that has no bowing, water-lock sealant and cork to keep everything dry, the Scratchguard Advanced Finish Protection which keeps the floor protected from micro-scratches, and the GenuEdge Technology which provides the industry’s most realistic wood look-alike laminate. Quick-Step Laminate Flooring cannot be topped, and C. Harris Flooring is the best laminate flooring company to bring you this great product.

Everything You Could Want In a Pompano Beach Flooring Company

C. Harris Flooring will help you work through every part of the flooring process, with the first step being a free consultation! We know that it can take a lot of energy to commit to new designs on your home, and we want to help ease you into the process with a free consultation and estimate. We will help you pick a product you like and give you a close estimate of what the costs associated with product and installation will be. From there it will be up to you to make the next step.

If you aren’t sure what kind of look would work for your home, we have design professionals at the ready to help you into a great new floor. These men and women have worked for years in the interior design world, and they know all of the ins-and-outs of our available products; with their help you are sure to end up with your dreamiest new floor.

Once ordered, we’ll take the next steps any Pompano Beach flooring company should take: we will remove the carpet from your home if necessary and move the furniture as well, all to make room for the installation of your beautiful new floor. Essentially, once the design is decided on and the product is ordered, we will put you at rest and take care of everything else on our own.

When it comes time to install the floor, we will bring in our top-in-the-field installation professionals to complete the project. Our installation professionals are not sub-contractors; they are our employees who we trust and have trained to install the Quick-Step Laminate Flooring. They are licensed and insured to install flooring in the Jacksonville and South Florida Area, and every job comes with a guarantee that if it isn’t installed correctly, it will be fixed.

We Are the Cheapest Laminate Flooring Company as Well!

On top of all of our great qualities, C. Harris Flooring is also proud of just how cheap our services really are! We bring you the best product and the best installation all for a truly low price. Of course every job is unique and calls for something a little different, but it is safe to say that we are as competitive as it gets, and we believe we are the cheapest laminate flooring company in Pompano Beach!