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Our experienced providers can help you figure out exactly what floor will fit your lifestyle and your home. Just contact us today to get started designing. Because we are a professional vinyl flooring company dedicated to making our customers happy, we also offer the service of carpet removal. Getting rid of carpet by yourself is no walk in the park, so we want to help you! We also offer services such as furniture moving, free estimates, eco-friendly products and complete on-site job supervision for our customers. As you can see, we ate C. Harris Flooring are dedicated to making our customers happy!   Whether you are an avid DIY’er looking to self-install the flooring yourself or have no idea what type of product you even need and would like someone else to install it, we can meet every need you have  at our C. Harris vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach Florida! Contact us today to get started on designing your new floors.

C. Harris Flooring offers the best quality and prices of any Vinyl flooring company Pompano Beach

Vinyl flooring company Pompano BeachOur selection and quality of our products are unmatched when it comes to any other Pompano Beach flooring company. We offer the ability to chose some of the most eco-friendly products on the market as well as the most affordable ones. We offer a gorgeous Traditional Cilcette Maine Maple Natural 3-strip laminate flooring option, which is a gorgeous choice for any room in your home. The benefits of laminate flooring are many. Hardwoods are a nice choice for your home, but they are expensive and are prone to scratches and will attain wear and tear over the years. Laminate, however, is perfect for if you have pets or children that have the ability to mess up your flooring.

Laminate is also much cheaper than hardwoods so you are getting more bang for your buck. Laminate has the ability to mimic the look of any type of hardwood so you are still getting the look of a hardwood floor without the price tag that comes with it! We are also happy to offer vinyl tile, which is very popular for high traffic areas such as kitchens. Just like laminate floors, our vinyl tiles mimic the look of popular hardwoods. For example, in our product selection you will find cherry oak, cedar, walnut, chocolate oak and much more. By purchasing vinyl tile from our Vinyl flooring company pompano, you are saving money, saving time in the installation process and assuring yourself that your floors will last a long time.

Vinyl tile flooring makes it possible to have luxurious floors without spending a large amount of money on them! All of our vinyl flooring products are created using a Hot Press method instead of using adhesives. The Hot Press Method allows for all of the layers to be fused together, with no chance of Delamination. The vinyl is created using a combination of raw materials that make it extremely stable and durable. Choosing vinyl tile flooring is a choice of longevity when it comes to flooring. If you are going to spend money on flooring, it might as well last forever, right? We promise to be the most exceptional, professional and reliable vinyl flooring company you’ll find anywhere, so come see for yourself!