C. Harris Flooring Provides Disposal Services for All Carpeting

Getting rid of old carpet sounds like a great idea, until you have to figure out how to dispose of it without paying fines for improper disposal or having to rent a truck for the backbreaking labor. Often, each municipality has different standards for how to properly dispose of your old carpet, making it difficult to know for sure how you can and cannot throw away your old flooring. These fines can quickly add up, exceeding the cost of professional disposal.

This is where the carpet disposal experts of C. Harris Flooring come to the rescue. If you’re planning to replace your old carpet with new carpet or another type of flooring, we offer free disposal services for residents throughout South Florida and the Jacksonville area, and our regular disposal rates are extremely competitive.

We’ve made a list of the many benefits you’ll enjoy from our professional disposal services.

Benefits of Carpet Disposal from C. Harris Flooring

Here’s what to expect when you choose C. Harris Flooring for your carpet disposal:

First, we’re committed to meeting you on your schedule. We achieve this by offering flexible pick-up times for your carpet disposal. Our appointment-making systems, accessible by phone, in store, and online, make the process simple and fast. If you’re not sure which carpet disposal option is right for you, we provide a handy guide that will help you choose the best service for your needs.

Once we arrive, you’ll enjoy the decades of expertise our professional carpet disposal technicians employ to make the process fast and safe. All of our technicians are also licensed and insured. Of course, customer service is more than just expertise, and our technicians are committed to offering friendly service throughout the process. Our large disposal trucks are capable of handling any size carpet and any size home. A one-trip disposal saves you time.

And one more thing: Your carpet may be able to be recycled. Carpet rolls and tiles can be converted into numerous products, including pet bedding, garden aids, and even, once again, new carpet. Some areas require carpet to be recycled. If you’re concerned about the environment, letting our professionals handle your carpet is the best way to ensure you stay “green.”

In some cases, your carpet may even be eligible for resale, providing you with credits, offering a family new flooring, and avoiding any fees for illegal dumping.

Before you tear up your old carpet (or even after), call C. Harris Flooring to find out how you can enjoy professional service at the lowest rates available. We’re here to serve the homeowners throughout South Florida and Jacksonville, whether it’s installing new flooring or disposing of worn-out materials.