Laminate FlooringWhen you want to have your floors done, you want something that is durable, easy to clean, and that looks nice.  Carpet is soft, but is miserable to clean if something gets spilled on it.  Wood is very pretty and fairly easy to clean, but it scratches so easily that it shows every bit of wear and tear. Sometimes, it can seem like you just can’t win.  But with options like tile and laminate, you have the potential for something that looks nice, it easy to clean, and won’t show an abnormal amount of wear and tear.  It can be matched to any interior decoration and lasts for a long time. It’s a great fit!

However, with the current pressure to ‘go green’, laminate can seem a bit counterintuitive.  Yes, it lasts for a long time, but it can be difficult to make and is not always considered green.  If that is a concern to you, laminate can be a little hard to settle on. If you are near Pompano Beach, Florida, you don’t need to worry about it at all! With our laminate flooring company, you have an economical, aesthetically pleasing option that is also friendly to the environment!

With our company, you have all of the versatility of laminate, at a fraction of the cost, while also being environmentally friendly. There are so many benefits that it can be hard to imagine all of them!  Starting at just .99/square foot for our American Wood Laminate Special with the purchase of an installation package, you can upgrade your entire residence for an affordable rate – whether you are looking at an office space or a home that you would like to make child and pet friendly, you have the versatility and financial room to pursue the project!

With our different styles of laminates, you can find something that will fit any décor. Do you have darker cabinets or furniture that you would like to complement?  No problem! Do you want to have a laminate style that can better accommodate children’s messes and floor ‘artwork’ they enjoy to do when you’re not looking?  We can help with that too! With all of the different styles we can provide for you, there isn’t a situation where you can’t find exactly what you are looking for.

With our company, your laminate is guaranteed to last through multiple years of use, giving you a great bargain, as well as helping to protect the environment.  You will not have to worry about wood rotting and needing to be replaced, nor will you have to worry about termites eating away at your floor. If you get it wet, it isn’t a potential problem, as you can simply wipe it straight off and go about your average day. You can do almost anything on laminate flooring, without the concern of needing to use excess resources or draining your finances over one mishap.

Harris Flooring IncIn addition, our laminate is created with a beautiful seal finish, ensuring that nothing can get stuck in any cracks, or leaving areas where splinters can be a real danger for little feet or paws.  Instead, you get a lovely floor that is family and pet friendly, and ensures that even the most inquisitive cannot cause an issue with a single well-placed coin between the floorboards.

When you are looking for an affordable, environmentally friendly floor option, laminate is definitely a great way to go.  The upgrade process can look daunting to your wallet, however.  But that isn’t something to be concerned about with us!  We will take the time to work with you, finding ways to make the project easy to afford with the flexibility you may need. Simply print out our financial forms to send in or give us a call, and we can assess what kind of options would work for you.

Next time you are looking for a sturdy, affordable, and environmentally friendly flooring option, consider laminate.  With its easy clean up, chic look, and durability, this option is perfect for any office, residence, or public building. You don’t have to worry about flooring problems again – we have that covered for you! Pick your style today!