Choosing the Right Affordable Carpet Company for your Home 

The type of flooring you choose for your home is an important decision to make. Every variety of flooring from carpet to laminate can make or break the look of a room in your house. When you’re shopping for the perfect flooring to install in home. You need a reliable flooring company in Pompano Beach, Florida who will give you the specialized help and customer service you need.

The C. Harris Flooring is the number one flooring company who care about you. We’re so confident you’ll like our flooring products. We will beat any printed price or quote from other insured, licensed, and bonded companies. As an exclusive provider we provide top notch service in Jacksonville, South Florida, and Northeast Florida. We offer full installations of high quality flooring at the lowest prices on the market.


Receive Design Consultation when Choosing the Best Affordable Carpet Company

When you’re shopping for a new flooring, you may not always be sure  what it is you’re searching floor. We take pride in our products, and want to help you make the best decision when it comes to your home. Our design consultation will help you to make the right choice when it comes to investing in the right kind of flooring for your home.

The housing market in the US has slowly begun to recover. Homeowners are now taking this opportunity to invest in their living spaces. By either renovating or improving certain aspects of their homes. This helps with the resale value of the home and provides a more enjoyable living space when entertaining friends and family. With so many choices to choose from when it comes to flooring like wood, carpet, laminate, and others. Our design consultation we will help you to choose the best type flooring for your home so you can enjoy your new investment for many years to come.


As a Local Carpet Company, We Help with Everything from Installation to Carpet Disposal

We’re not just any run of the mill flooring company. C. Harris Flooring is one of the best flooring companies in the industry. We don’t just help you choose your flooring and send you out the door. We go through the entire process from start to finish with you. So you know you’re receiving the personalized customer service you deserve as a valued customer.

Installation of any type of flooring is considered a “big day” for your new investment. We offer full installation services which include every service or supply you need for a pain free installation. Our experienced and expert installers are insured and licensed to install new flooring in the Jacksonville and South Florida areas. So you never have to lift a finger to install your new flooring in your own home.

What about your old flooring though? That old carpet of yours has to go to make way for your new flooring, right? Not to worry, because we take care of that too. Carpet disposal is another service we offer in order to get rid that old carpet you don’t like anymore. So now there’s room to install your fresh one, or any other choice of flooring you may want installed in your home.

Worried about your furniture being in the way before installation day? It’s one of the most important and early steps before your new flooring can be installed. Trust the professionals to take care of this for you. We’ll have your furniture moved quickly and efficiently out of the area or areas where your new flooring will be installed. Taking great care to make sure your personal possessions are protected and well cared for.

We understand completely how the entire process from start to finish can be confusing. You want to invest in new flooring for your home, but you may also have to work within a budget. From the very start we have you covered on every front. We offer free estimates so you can stay within your budget. At C. Harris Flooring we’re more than happy to work alongside you to help you make the improvements you need for your home without going over budget. We’re always eager to help our customers anyway we can.