Take Advantage of the Services of Our Professional Home Decorators

An improvement in the housing market doesn’t just mean that houses move on and off the market more quickly. It also means that homeowners feel more confident about the market. One byproduct is that, around the country, homeowners are starting to reinvest in their homes, designing spaces that serve as perfect locations for family holidays and friendly neighborhood get-togethers. This has been evidenced by the continual growth of the home remodeling industry, which has surpassed $128 billion annually and continues to climb.

When you decide you’re ready to create your perfect indoor space, get in touch with the experts and professionals of C. Harris Flooring. We offer professional design consultation services that will help you put together the perfect design plan for your home.

A consultation from a C. Harris Flooring professional decorator provides access to a person who can translate your ideas and desires into a concrete plan. We work with our clients to scale their vision to their budget. Part of this process is creating a full list of your goals and providing you with different design paths to achieve them. Then, it’s up to you how you want to implement each aspect. Once you decide on a path forward, our professional decorators can start putting in place the logistics for the plan’s execution.

It’s worth reiterating the importance of choosing a professional decorator that is aware of your budget. Using professional decorators is increasingly popular—people want a sparkling and put-together home for guests to enjoy. And while most people think of a professional decorator as an expert focused on design choices, a good decorator should also help you stay within your budget.

Few people can redesign without thought of a budget, and many design choices are influenced by how much you plan to spend on your renovation. This might be a choice between paint or wallpaper, or laminate versus hardwood flooring. Design choices should be made by marrying style and budget, and that’s just what our staff of professional decorators offer.

After you move forward with a plan, our professional decorators make use of a design team that includes all the professionals you need—carpenters, flooring technicians, painters, and landscapers. Along the way, the decorator stays in touch to make sure everything is going to plan, offering minor adjustments if and when necessary. Following completion, our decorators check back in to ensure that you are satisfied.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at (954) 249-4130 and enjoy the professional services of our decorators. It’s the best way to implement the design concepts you love with the budget you live on.

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