Answers about Installation from C. Harris Flooring

Whenever you’re looking for home improvement services, one element should be valued above all others: experience. The expert installation professionals of C. Harris Flooring have decades of on-site experience, giving them the knowledge they need to perform the highest quality flooring installations for your home.

After all, installation of a new floor should be an exciting time—you’ve invested in a new look and feel for a room, or maybe even your whole home. Make sure you choose an installation service that covers every supply and every service. All of our installers are licensed and insured to work throughout South Florida and the Jacksonville area.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is maybe, but that’s only in certain circumstances, mainly with laminate flooring. Laminate was designed to be a fast and easy install and, with the proper knowledge, many homeowners may be able to successfully install a laminate floor.

Professional installation is far more critical for other flooring surfaces, especially hardwoods. Installing hardwoods requires a special set of tools and knowledge, and attempts at DIY installation can irrevocably damage your new floor. It can also cause damage to the rest of your home. At the very least, you void your manufacturer’s warranty and likely will spend money on additional repairs. This is to say nothing of the investment of time and potential headaches you may endure.

With any professional flooring installation, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits. These include guaranteed, insured work, exceptional results, and fast installation times. You will also retain your manufacturer’s warranty and enjoy a floor that will last longer. All along the way, you’ll have access to professional customer support.

How much more expensive is professional installation?

Believe it or not, a professional installation may actually cost less than performing it yourself. While this may not hold true for a simple laminate installation, this has often been the case with more involved installations. Most homeowners need to rent tools and purchase numerous products to complete an installation. Add to that the time it takes to go back and forth to home repair stores, and potentially take time off work to get the job done, and the costs quickly add up.

This is especially true in cases where homeowners start an installation but end up calling a professional to finish or fix it anyhow. If you’re not already 100 percent confident before you start, it’s best to let a professional handle the work. You’ll get the highest quality results, a reasonable price, and none of the headaches.

Who should I contact for a consultation or a quote?

Our website is always open. Just send us a message to get started on scheduling a consultation for your home or getting a price quote on a project. If you’d prefer to call us during business hours, just dial (954) 249-4130. We’ll connect you with one of our experts who can meet with you at your convenience.

C. Harris Flooring is South Florida and Jacksonville’s leading expert in flooring installation. We are ready to make or remake your home with a wide variety of new flooring options. Enjoy the benefits of professional and affordable installation. Learn more about everything we offer by calling or visiting our website today.

If I use a wheelchair should I get laminate or carpet?

If you own a mobility scooter or power wheelchair, you will want to get laminate or tile, basically anything besides carpet so you can easily roll around in your home.

Can’t I just install the floor myself?