Looking for a free estimate for your home improvement project?

Any home improvement project should start with an estimate. An estimate is the only way you can figure out whether your budget matches your desires. This is especially true for first-time home-renovators that aren’t aware of the many details, both large and small, that go into a home renovation project. Without proper planning, these details can quickly balloon a budget or knock a project off track.

If you have an established budget before you get an estimate, all the better. Knowing your budget is the best way to make informed decisions about how you plan to update your home—it’s the immediate reference point for what you can afford. Not only will having a budget and estimate help you stay on track financially, it will also provide you with a reasonable time estimate, because you’ll have every stage of the process explained and planned in detail.

C. Harris Flooring offers free estimates to help you along this path. Our experts, located in Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, have all the knowledge and tools you need to get a thorough estimate and establish realistic expectations for services and costs. With our professional team, you’ll enjoy our years of expertise in the home improvement market. Our flexible appointment times allow you to meet with us on your schedule and can be set up easily online or by phone in just a matter of minutes.

Why Free Estimates Are a Great Thing

For one, free estimates establish an immediate cost baseline that allows you to organize your thoughts and your budget. Walking through a showroom can lead homeowners to quickly get carried away. With a free estimate, you’ll know in advance whether quartz countertops are within your budget, or even if you’d prefer to relocate those costs to the addition of a second built-in oven.

Free estimates from C. Harris Flooring will allow you to see the entire picture, all in a single document. Our experts can help show you all the expenses, from those that take up the most resources to some of the more minor ones, like furniture removal, that you may not have yet considered.

Knowing costs in advance will allow you to put aside the money you need for your renovation. With a free home estimate, there are no surprises—no “sticker shock”—when you get the bill, for instance, for your new hardwood floors, which can cost up to $2,000.

With advance knowledge of the costs, you’ll be able to put aside money over time, or decide that you’d rather use the money for something else and choose another route for your remodel. You can also, if you choose, apply for credit or take account of any current debt to help assist with your decision. All of this is made easier by having an accurate estimate of your final costs.

One of the more underrated aspects of an estimate is the ability to save time. If you haven’t accounted for every service and product you need, you’re likely to get stuck with costly delays, either for an additional service or because you need to order another product you didn’t realize you would need. Waiting for delivery can throw off the entire schedule your technicians, significantly increasing installation times. These disruptions can result in taking more time off work or wasting a vacation day alone at home because no work can move forward.

When you’re ready for your free estimate, call us at (904) 249-4130, if you’re in South Florida, or (904) 268-7444 in the Jacksonville area.