The hot newcomer in the flooring world is laminate flooring. Why is that? Well the price is right, it’s easy to take care of and it’s really versatile and can be used in many situations. The advantages of laminate flooring are unbelievable, but don’t overlook the disadvantages so that you can make the right decision about the laminate flooring for your room. It has its drawbacks, just like any other flooring product, so it’s important to understand these drawbacks before delving into a major flooring project.

Laminate flooring will have the least impact on your wallet of all flooring options. Its half the cost of hardwood and not as expensive as carpet. Also, over the long haul you’ll save money because you won’t be replacing it for many years. Laminate flooring will not fade out in the sunlight and is very resistant to stains and scratches. The reason for this is the durable plastic wear manufacturers use for the top layer of laminate floors.

Combine this with the tough board beneath it, which can withstand immense pressure, you will see how versatile this product really is, and this is just the beginning of laminate floor benefits:

The Benefits of Laminate Flooring From The Best laminate Flooring Company

laminate flooringConvenient Packaging: While natural hardwood flooring comes in planks that are 8 or 10 feet in length, and sometimes even longer, laminate planks that look like hardwood can be purchased in 4-foot strips, or in tile form.

Versatility: You can get laminate flooring that looks just like many different hardwoods. The printing process that they use today can even simulate natural stone or ceramic tile. And with today’s process, they can even reproduce the textures of some of these materials.

Cleaning: The surface of these laminate products is great at repelling stains and spills. Simply sweeping or dusting regularly will keep floors from eroding over time.

Installation: The laminate click together floor is so easy that anyone can do it as a DIY project. And now you don’t even need adhesive. Just roll out a sheet of underlayment, and then snap the pieces together. You can do an entire room in a day or two.

Install Anywhere: You can install a laminate floor over just about any other floor, except carpet. Also install your floor at any grade, as long as you have a moisture barrier and you’ve taken water prevention measures. No more removing old floors before installing your new one.

Protects Against The Elements: Laminate flooring is great at preventing discolorization from the sun, etc. And since it protects against dirt and mud so well, it’s great for entryways and hallways. And, of course, it’s a super solution for sunrooms.

Health Concerns: Obviously, laminate flooring is great at resisting bacteria and mold and can be further treated for even better protection.

No Expansion: Since the pieces of laminate flooring are interlocked, nothing is adhered directly to the sub floor. So this allows the material to expand and contract without buckling.

Quick Acclimation: It takes hardwood 3-6 weeks to get acclimated to the temperature and

pressure of the room. Laminates are done in 36 hours, or less.

The Drawbacks To Installing Laminate Floors

No Refinishing: You don’t refinish laminate. When a single piece is damaged, you simply replace that piece. Over time, when a larger area is damaged, you need to replace the entire floor.

Hollow Sound: Walking on a laminate floor gives a hollow, or fake sound. This can be eliminated with the use of underlayment materials to give a sound that is more similar to hardwood.

Unnatural Feel: You can get the look of hardwood with laminate, but the feel is not the same. It will look like the real thing, but the touch will be a dead giveaway.

Hard Feel: Laminate is a very hard material without any give underfoot. Even cork or foam padding won’t reduce this feel.

Environmental Issues: Some environmental gurus are concerned that laminate materials are made with compounds that come from formaldehyde. They feel that these floors, over time, could produce chemicals that could affect the quality of air in the room.

Variable Lifespan: Laminate comes in a variety of thicknesses and, therefore will offer a variety of lifespans. Most flooring comes with a warranty, so it’s important to be familiar with that warranty before buying. You need to be sure to take all of the required precautions during installation to avoid losing your protection.