Vinyl Flooring Company in Pompano BeachIf you are  looking for a vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach area, then look no further.  C. Harris Flooring can handle everything from start to finish for you.  We are a licensed, insured and bonded flooring company that can take care of the entire process – from your initial consultation to the flooring being installed.  Let’s take a look at what we can do for you.

Get a Design Consultation from a Reliable Vinyl Flooring Company

People who know that they are interested in getting a new floor for a room in their home or business – or the entire home or business, don’t always know exactly what type of flooring they want.  That is where a design consultation with a professional vinyl flooring company comes in handy.  As the housing market in the US recovers, homeowners are beginning to make more home improvements.  This helps with the resale value while it also gives you a space that is more enjoyable for entertaining your friends and family.

Get a Free Estimate from an Affordable Vinyl Flooring Company

We offer you free estimates so that you will be able to stay within your budget.  From the time you begin the process with us, we will work with you in helping you to achieve your improvement goals while not bankrupting you in the process.  We have teams of experts not just in Pompano Beach but also in St. Augustine and Jacksonville ready to help you.

Yes, the Best Vinyl Flooring Company Offers Green Products

Nowadays, people tend to be more environmentally focused.  If you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint then you might be interested in finding a flooring company that offers eco-friendly solutions for all of your flooring needs.  For this reason, we have a full range of flooring solutions that are “green”.  Choose products made from cork or bamboo to products that have been made from reclaimed wood.  We offer a wide selection that will give you the ability to coordinate your earth friendly tendencies with the look and style that you are looking for.  We also offer options such as carpets that have been made from corn or recycled water bottles as well as natural fiber carpets such as sisal and wool.  In addition, we have a showroom for the eco-friendly minded person that features special types of paints that have been designed to offer your home protection from things like dangerous emissions.  We also show you how you can save energy simply with new window treatments.

You can get Hardwood Floors Refinished by your Local Vinyl Flooring Company

The technicians here at C. Harris Flooring can refinish any sort of wood floor that you already have in no time at all to help you bring that life and sheen back to it.  This is also a way to be more eco-friendly.

This Pompano Beach Flooring Company Also Deals with Carpet

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing carpet.  The color has to be right but so does the texture and even the style.  You also need to consider the type of padding you want and how thick it should be.  Here at C. Harris Flooring, you will have our expert guidance to get you through this process.  We have a photo gallery for you to look through as well as samples for you to go through.  The technicians here will give you the best service in the industry which means that the job will be done right, your home will be protected during the installation and we will be there on time.

Something else to consider regarding carpeting is what to do with your old carpeting.  We offer a carpet disposal service.  In fact, when you purchase your new flooring from us, this will be included as a free service. 

Worried About Moving the Furniture?

Along with disposing of the old carpeting, this is an important pre-installation step.  Our technicians can move the furniture in your home efficiently while saving you the back breaking effort it takes to do it.  All of your possessions will be protected.  These moving services are quite affordable.

In short, everything that you would expect from a vinyl flooring company – and more – can be found right here at C. Harris Flooring.