If you want to dress up the look of a room in your home, a fresh coat of paint can give you a whole new look and even a new color. But what if you realize you picked a color that you can’t live with? Or it just looks all wrong with your furniture? No problem. Just pick a different color, buy a gallon of paint and repaint. Problem solved.

But what if you had carpeted that room and later changed your mind about the style of carpet you picked, or the recliner given to you by your husband’s mother doesn’t look right. Does the recliner go? Not if you want to stay married, it doesn’t. So, that means new carpet at a price that doubles what you had planned to spend. Big problem!

Buying carpet is, obviously, a big decision. And to avoid the kind of problems we have here, you need to be prepared. Fortunately, today, there are many options available and, with the help of the professional carpet company, you can get it right the first time. Choosing carpet should be fun, and if you’re prepared, it’s fun. With the help of the information below, you’ll be ready to make the right choice to accommodate Mom’s recliner.

The Ultimate-Wool

professional carpet companySo, if you don’t have any pets, or kids, and apparently no worries, you can go for sophistication. That means wool. Wools works for Berber, plush or the latest shag, called frieze. You can’t beat wool for a rich, soft feel and it will last and last.

Pros: Long lasting. Wool resists most soils and stains and it’s even resistant to fire.

Cons: It’s all natural so it will shed and change colors. And it’s also one of the most expensive options. You’re looking at square yard costs of $35 to $70. Also you need to be very careful when you clean it. Then again, if you can afford the price, you can afford to have it professionally cleaned.

A Step up? Do you like to keep up with the latest options? Try “soft Nylon”. Since the fibers are very fine, it feels like silk. The downside, however, is that it shows vacuum marks and footprints. Only certain vacuums will work on this surface. A Dyson won’t cut it, for example, because it has so much suction that it won’t move across the carpet. So, maybe “triexta, another new and unique intro into the market, is worth a look. It has a stain and soil resistance property that never washes off.

For The Whole Family-Polyester

Speaking of stain resistance, take a look at polyester. The popularity of polyester has fluctuated over the years, but today’s versions are stronger and more stain-resistant, while softer than ever. This new version is allowing for stains to be removed that were unheard of in years past.

Pros: It’s naturally and permanently stain resistant and has a high melting point. By comparison, the square foot prices average around $13.

Cons: You wouldn’t want to use polyester where you have high traffic. Even though today’s version is stronger than past versions, polyester still crimps, which results in tangling and matting.

Don’t forget the pets? Watch out for looped (Berber) carpet if you have pets. Sure, it’s fine for high-traffic areas, but if you have pets with long claws they will get snagged in those loops.

Have it All from your local carpet company-Nylon

Nylon is really the best of all styles. It will wear well and it’s strong so it resists abrasion and matting. And it’s very easy to clean. You can even dye Nylon if you get tired of the color, or the carpet doesn’t match Mom’s recliner. You can buy a lot of other styles that will withstand the test of time, but Nylon simply will last “forever”, as they say.

Pros: Soft and tough. Great for high-traffic. $12 to $45 a square yard.

Cons: It’s easy to clean, but you’ll need to clean it often to keep its look. Certain dyes will present problems with bleaching, fading and urine from your pets.

Don’t get zapped! Ever walk across a carpeted floor and be zapped from the electric static? That static can also harm other electronic gear. Fortunately, most nylon is treated with antistatic protection. But you might want to stay away from nylon in your computer room.