C. Harris Flooring Provides Everything You Need, from Your First Consultation to the Final Installation



Installation is the “big day” for your new investment. C. Harris Flooring has full installation services that include every supply or service you need for a stress-free installation. We have experienced, expert installers that are licensed and insured to install your new floor in the South Florida and Jacksonville areas.

Design Consultation

Just because you’re interested in new flooring doesn’t mean you know exactly what you want. That’s how our design consultation can help. As the U.S. housing market has recovered, homeowners have begun to invest in improvements to their living spaces, both to help resale value and provide a more enjoyable space to entertain family and friends.

Carpet Disposal

Carpet disposal is just one more service offered by the experts at C. Harris Flooring. Maybe you’re getting rid of your old carpet for a fresh one, or going a different direction with your flooring needs. Regardless, C. Harris Flooring is the best choice for getting rid of your unwanted carpet. For residents of Pompano Beach, we offer free disposal of all carpet flooring.

Free Estimate

C. Harris Flooring offers free estimates to help you stay on budget. From the very beginning of the process, we work with you to achieve improvements without breaking the bank. Our team of experts, located in Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine, is ready to help in any way they can.

Furniture Moving

Like carpet disposal, furniture moving is another early and important step. Trust the professionals of C. Harris Flooring to move your furniture in and out of your home efficiently, while protecting all of your possessions. Our affordable services are offered to residents of Pompano Beach.

Green Products

For the environmentally focused, we provide a full range of “green” flooring solutions. These range from bamboo to cork to reclaimed wood. This wide selection offers the ability to match your interests with your lifestyle. Other options include wool and sisal, both natural fiber carpets, and cutting-edge products, such as carpets composed of recycled water bottles and corn. We also maintain a “green” showroom that features special paints designed to protect your home from dangerous emissions and tips for saving energy with new window treatments.

Hardwood Floors

Our technicians can refinish any type of existing wood floor-in record time-to bring a brilliant sheen and life back to your beloved hardwoods. To get started, just call (954) 249-4130 and get your hardwoods in top shape before the next planned get together.

Job Supervision and Coordination

If your job starts to grow in size-and stress-take advantage of our on-site project managers that can schedule installations and track deliveries of all the products you need for your home renovation project. It’s the best way to remove the burden from your shoulders. We enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and have won national customer service awards because of our passionate care for our customers.


Vinyl is one of the most durable and resilient flooring products, and it keeps getting better. C. Harris Flooring provides clients with an exceptional selection of vinyl products, both in sheet and tile form. Our professional staff and expert technicians can help you realize a remarkable transition in your home. If you haven’t researched vinyl recently, you’ll be blown away at its beauty.


Choosing carpet has several components: color, style, texture – even the type and thickness of padding. At C. Harris Flooring, we serve as your expert guides as you work through the details, no matter the size of room. Our Photo Gallery brings to life many of our most popular selections, and our professionals and technicians bring you the industry’s best service, which means more than just getting the job done right. It also means showing up on time and protecting your home during the process.


For a huge impact on a small budget, laminate flooring is ideal. One of the most cost-effective flooring solutions available, laminate costs just half of similar hardwoods and only a fraction of stone tile.