As a leading distributor of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring, locally owned and operated by Cling Harris, we are a fully insured flooring company in Pompano Beach Florida. Whatever your floor needs are, we can help! Contact us today and get more information. 

Flooring Company in Pompano Beach, FL

We can Handle All of Your Flooring Needs

From wood floors to laminate flooring and carpets, you want us on your side! Our products are sold throughout Florida, from South Florida to Northeast, where Jacksonville serves as our main office and exclusive provider of laminate and wood products.  We feature a variety of products from all different manufacturers. For example, we have brands such as Mohawk, Quick Step, Armstrong, Columbia, Hercules, Quickstyle, and Parkay, just to name a few. Our large selection of products and materials make us one of the larges and reputable flooring companies in Pompano Beach, Florida. Also, because we work with so many builders, contractors, real estate companies, renovators, we can get you products that may not be found or featured on our page and we can give you the information you want to know if you wanted to do these projects yourself! 

Affordable Flooring Company in Pompano Beach, FL

At Harris Flooring, we will beat any price or quote from any licensed, bonded, and fully insured company. Therefore, we offer the lowest prices in the market with the best products! Along with offering great prices, we also understand that these projects can get expensive, even with low retail, which is why we offer financing through GE Capital. Currently, we have several affordable payment options for financing. We tailor our financial solutions to suit the unique needs of our customers. This allows you to spread the cost of your project over a longer time and therefore smooth out any budget concerns and to free up some money for other aspects of the project that may be unplanned.


The Many Services Harris Flooring Offers

While we offer many services, here are a few to consider: 


Harris Flooring Company offers a variety of services for its customers. We offer our full installation service, which includes everything you need to ensure a stress-free install. This includes tools and supplies, as well as experienced installers to make sure the job gets done right! 

Design Consultation.

We offer design consultants to help you decide which improvements will increase the value of your home the most! They will take your wants and needs to provide you with a design that will be the best choice when considering resale value and to entertain your friends and family.laminate flooring company pompano beach

Free Estimates

To help you stay on budget, Harris Flooring offers free estimates and our teams located in Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine are ready to help you!

Carpet Disposal

Whether you are trading that old raggedy carpet in for a new one or you just decided to get another flooring option, we offer you carpet disposal. For people living in Pompano Beach, you receive complimentary disposal of all carpet flooring. So you can save on your disposal costs and put more into your home! 

Green Products

For those looking to be more ecofriendly and economical, we have numerous “green” products to choose from. Whether it be bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood, or natural fiber carpets or carpets made from recycled water bottles and corn, we can offer you the product you want and for the best price. 

Hardwood Floors

Are you looking to spruce up those old hard wood floors? Make them flashy and beautiful again with the help of our skilled technicians. They can refinish any type of existing wood floor in record time. Give us a call to get started! 

Project Supervisors and Coordinators

We all know how jobs can change, sometimes overnight. With this in mind, we offer on-site project managers to help ease the stress of a large or small project. If you begin to change your project idea, growing or shrinking the original plan, the supervisor is there to help and assist you make these dreams realities.


Harris Flooring can help you achieve your home goals. Give us a call today so we can give you the information you need to get the ball rolling and complete the project as fast as possible, but with the best quality.