It’s a timeless question about what to do with your home’s flooring. Whether you are constructing a new home or renovating an older one, you want a floor that will be durable, attractive, and affordable. Vinyl is durable and can withstand significant foot traffic while being comfortable and effective at reducing noise. Those who have children or pets will understand the value of a floor that does not add to the noise pollution. Local Vinyl flooring has two different types, sheet flooring, and tile flooring. While sheet flooring is easier to put in and is highly water resistant, tile flooring is more popular because it recreates the look and feel of ceramic tiles but comparatively it is a much more affordable option. Both options are inexpensive and there are many different prints and patterns available, including hardwood and tile. These days vinyl flooring has beautiful natural surfaces, color depth, realistic texture, and all available at an affordable price.

Benefits of buying from the best Vinyl flooring company

Vinyl Flooring Company in Pompano BeachAt Harris Flooring Inc, the most sought after  Vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach Florida, you will find all types of vinyl flooring with beautiful natural surfaces, realistic texture, color depth, and all available at an affordable price. We have been around since the 1930’s for a simple reason – it’s a very resilient and offers a low cost flooring solution.

Besides style, durability, and high quality performance, vinyl flooring is resistant to dents, scratches, and stains. It’s easy to self-install and to maintain. High traffic rooms have a tendency to be hard on carpets and most flooring. Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for those rooms due to its ability to withstand abuse. There are many options to choose from when selecting your style of vinyl flooring from stone, ceramic, or even hardwood patterns. You can even combine solid and composite vinyl to create a unique and customized look or change up the printed textures to make it look as if you have different materials in different parts of the home, from a stone dining room and a hardwood kitchen to a tiled bedroom and a ceramic tiled bathroom.

High quality means low maintenance and at Harris Flooring, the most reliable Vinyl flooring company, we pride ourselves on our high quality and affordable vinyl flooring options. Vinyl flooring is easy to care for because all you need to do to maintain it is to ensure that dirt and grit are swept from the floor to guarantee the integrity of the surface. A simple vinyl cleaner and a mop are then all you need to preserve the glorious shine and color of your floors.

Speaking of mopping, vinyl flooring is water resistant and can help keep your floor from being damaged by the occasional spill. Vinyl flooring is almost impermeable to water which makes it the perfect flooring option for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens!

The print on your vinyl flooring is consistent throughout every layer which means that any dents or scratches you manage to get on the floor is not going to disturb the pattern or color of the floor. Fiberglass reinforced vinyl is even more damage resistant while still maintaining the softness beneath your feet. You can even replace individual tiles if they ever become damaged or worn out and since vinyl doesn’t get cold easily in the winter, the floor is always comfortable to walk on year round. All of this at the most affordable pricing available for any floor type makes vinyl flooring the perfect flooring option for any home. No wonder vinyl flooring has been popular for so long!

Harris Flooring Inc is the best Vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach

Harris Flooring is a licensed, insured and bonded flooring company in Pompano Beach. The company services South and Northeast Florida from their Jacksonville office. As we are in direct contact with manufactures, we can provide you with complete installation service with top of the line wood laminate and vinyl products. Being able to work with manufacturers we are able to provide you with the most affordable flooring in town and at the same time being the most reliable Vinyl flooring company. They match or beat any printed quote from a licensed, bonded, and insured company. That makes the company the most affordable option as well. The highly trained staff is always available to help you select the type and style of flooring you need. They also work with builders, contractors, and people who might want to install the flooring themselves. The company tailors all products to fit your needs. By working directly with the major manufacturers and distributors, they keep prices low and have many more options available than most competitors. Harris Flooring is a licensed, insured and bonded flooring company and they have been in business for years. You can count on them for years for all of your flooring needs.