Laminate Flooring CompanyThere are many construction projects that you can undertake in your home, but one of the most common, and perhaps one of the most difficult, is that of choosing what type of flooring to install. One of the most popular, obviously, is hardwood flooring, and many will go with it, but there are several downsides, one of the biggest being cost. Spending thousands of dollars to install a hardwood floor might appeal to some, but others would much rather install something cheaper and spend the remaining money on other parts of their home. There are, after all, a ton of other renovations that you could be spending your money on. Before we get onto the subject of a reliable laminate flooring company, let’s talk about exactly what laminate flooring is, and why you need it.

What is Laminate Flooring?

A any good local laminate flooring company will be glad to tell you, laminate flooring is similar to hardwood flooring in aesthetics, but the physical planks are a bit different as they are not solid wood. Rather, they are comprised of a type of particle board which is simply laid on the floor of your kitchen. Rather than being nailed to the floor, or even glued, they are connected via interlocking tabs, hence the term ‘floating floor’. So long as they are flush with the wall, they will not come loose, but most will use some kind of bracing at the edge of the wall, or in other cases, a molding strip to ensure that the floor does not move. With proper maintenance, it will last for a very long time! With laminate flooring installed by the best laminate flooring company, you can expect it to mimic the look of the hardwood floor while being very inexpensive.

The particle board is topped with a laminate, which is an image of the effect you wish to achieve, which in this case, would be wood.  In addition to worrying about the type of laminate flooring you want, you should also consider what is known as the AC Rating.

Abrasion Class

Your AC rating is your Abrasion Class, or in other words, a measure of what the floor can actually handle. Remember that this differs significantly from type to type, so let’s take a look at what kind of foot traffic each floor type can withstand. There are five different AC categories, each one significantly different from the other.

AC1This is for moderate residential use and will only withstand very light foot traffic. For this reason it is recommended that you use it in either closets or bedrooms. On the upside, it is fairly inexpensive.

AC2This one is slightly better than AC1, as you would expect, but they are better for areas like living rooms. In other words, these laminate floors are for more than just show, they can take a minimal amount of punishment and are great in residential homes.

AC3Here we have a flooring type that is designed for all the different types of residential use. This includes high-traffic rooms, commercial spaces, office buildings, etc. Most notably, this can be used in model homes as it will withstand the heavy traffic without a problem.

AC4Yes, this is more expensive, but it is great for commercial use. Spaces that have a lot of traffic off the street will find that this is a great investment.

AC5If you have a big business, you need a big investment in flooring, and this is it. This is designed for high-traffic spaces like department stores, and will last for many years.

The Importance of Proper Installation

We cannot emphasize the importance of proper installation enough. Without the guiding hand of a professional, you may find that your floor buckles, or is perhaps improperly sealed. If your flooring is being installed in a kitchen, as it likely is, you certainly do not want to spill something and find it leaking through the floorboards, causing your baseboard to become soaked. That would almost require a complete removal of your floor, and will most certainly necessitate it if you do it too many times. That being said, making sure that the floor is properly placed and sealed is very important.

Also keep in mind that at times, repair will be absolutely necessary which still, of course, calls for a good local laminate flooring company. Because the floor will eventually buckle or even tear at the top layer, you need a licensed, insured and bonded flooring company that can fix the issue without tearing up the entire floor. Don’t worry, we’ve got both you and your floor covered.