C.  Harris Flooring Has It All :  Wood to Carpet, Vinyl to Lamination,  Flooring and Carpet

Locally owned and operated by Clint Harris. C. Harris Flooring is setting the standards for office and home interior flooring with affordable prices and great workmanship. The floors you walk on with the right accessories and furniture when adequately combined offer a impact to your home or office. For instance, it will add a tremendous amount of depth to your overall look in your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room in your house, or office.  Offering special treatment that offers beautiful yet varied colored textures with extraordinary high performance for floors.

Vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach

C. Harris vinyl flooring in Pompano, Florida has various flooring types for your office or house. With over two dozen types, for example, the vinyl selections from our inventory and manufacturers will ensure the perfect selections for your home. Let C. Harris flooring company get you through the installing.

For instance, the 3/8″ thick “Brown Valley” 6″ W x Random L (31.42 sq.ft.) is derived from a classic color and with this tonal version of the design

Some of our featured manufactured brands we deal with are Armstrong, Columbia, Hercules, Quick step, Mohawk, Parkay, and Unifloor.  So, whether you need flooring tiles for existing construction or new construction, living areas  such as dens/play areas, residential, commercial, remodelers or contractors in general, we can provide all your vinyl flooring in Pompano Beach, Florida. 

A trendsetter for commercial and residential flooring; plus in the manufacture of floor tiles; vinyl, lamination, wood, or carpet, we have it.  Our offering ranges from contemporary floor tiles and traditional floor tiles to commercial or high traffic tiles and residential bathroom floor tiles or kitchen floor tiles. We specialize in standard size floor tiles, wooden planks, and with the right edges that allow for minimum grout joint installations, the various tile textures and tile finishes, our wide offering suits any style.

Realistic stone looking, marble looking, or textured tile finishes are achieved thanks to the ongoing efforts in C. Harris vinyl flooring in Pompano Beach, Florida. Quality and durability are the defining characteristics of all the floor tiles we manufacture and distribute throughout the Florida area.

Our Wood Products at C. Harris Flooring Company

Also, some of our wood flooring has 100% dimensional stability with a combination of the raw materials used and chemistry within the product that contributes toward its overall stability.” There are no adhesives used in the plies of the wood products. A method which is considered a “hot press method” gives all layers to be “fused together without the chances of delaminations.”

For instance, the Heartland Oak 3-Strip Planks is perfect for offices with high level of “foot traffic” or small shops.  Also, there is the 1/2″ thick pearl wood floor planks (7-1/2″ W x 74″ L) and reasonably priced for any project at home or your business. Also, some of our wood flooring, for instance, here at C. Harris Flooring in Pompano, Florida is Vanilla Swirl Maple 3-Strip Planks, Centennial Oak 3-Strip Planks or Stately Oak 3-Strip Planks, with colors such as Mirabella Brazilian Mahogany, traditional wood, with the natural coloration that exemplifies a deep dark mahogany color enriched with a natural effects from the wood itself. 


The quality of a vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach, Florida is a step above the rest

This is one of C. Harris laminate flooring products which have the classic flooring stability all our products have. Vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach which has products that are quality assured with our servicemen.  Whether vinyl or lamination, with standard designs and structured inspired designs, have varying tones of dark chocolate brown, tan, copper brown, or various other standard colors. Your selection can be catered around your color preferences, or design preferences. 

For several years, C. Harris Flooring has been a leading distributor of Quick-Step Laminate Flooring.  Our Pompano Beach Flooring Company will save you money plus add beauty to your home or office.  Let our expert staff help you decide. We offer full installations of the best selection and quality flooring available anywhere-all at the lowest prices in the marketplace.

We will beat any competitor’s “written offer or lower advertised price, provided they are insured, licensed, and bonded.”

Ask about our special offers for “retired military personnel, police/fire/emt, teachers, licensed realtors and religious leaders” – Clint Harris. Call our Jacksonville Regional Director, Tom Randall, at (904) 268-7444, or you can contact Clint Harris at (954) 249-4130.