The long conceived perception of Vinyl flooring is cheap- in both price and quality. In terms of price, cheap is good, unfortunately cheap quality is often met with hesitation. Luckily though, you’ve been wrong about Vinyl- We’re here to smash your misconceptions about Vinyl’s cheap quality. Come down to C. Harris Flooring, the expert Vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach, to check out our phenomenal selection of Vinyl floor options and learn why Vinyl flooring is a great option.

At our vinyl flooring company in Pompano Beach, We offer a Standard Luxury Vinyl tile which is adhesive-free, helping maintain the mechanical quality of the tile. To create the layers within the tile, a Hot Press Method permanently molds the Vinyl layers together, that leaves zero chance of Delamination occurring. If you’ve ever come across a Vinyl floor where the tiles are buckled or cracked, that’s a sign of Delamination. With the traditional adhesive method, only a physical bonding occurs, while the Hot Press Method creates a stronger, chemical bond from melting the material. As the layers cool, the material reconstitutes itself into a durable piece of flooring.

vinyl flooring company in pompano beach


In terms of durability and reliability Vinyl floorings beats hardwoods floors. Vinyl has a thick clear protective coat to guard its surface from scratches and dirt, plus it’s waterproof so when you come home to find a sink sprung a leak, you can be sure your vinyl flooring will sustain minimal, if any, damage versus water logged hardwood. It’s easily cleaned and can stand up to everyday wear and tear, especially from children and pets. If your flooring does sustain damage, our tile cuts of Vinyl make it easy to replace damaged areas or extend a small amount of flooring into another room.

In terms of where you purchase vinyl flooring, you want to choose a reliable vinyl flooring company. A company where professionals will walk you through every step of the process: design, financing, installation, and be there should any problems arise during the warranty of the product. C. Harris Flooring is that reliable vinyl flooring company. We will advise you through the design process. When it comes time for installation you can guarantee our staff will be on time, take care of everything- including move furniture, to keep you stress-free. When the project is completed, if you’re not happy with the floor for any reason, give us a call and we’ll do our best to fix it. Our customers’ satisfaction is important to us, and we’ll work hard to prove that.


Now that you know Vinyl tile is a quality product, what about looks? Certainly if its affordable it’ll have to sacrifice either quality or looks for its price. Since we just proved Vinyl’s high quality, surely its looks leave much to be desired. Incorrect assumption! Vinyl can be beautiful- we have an array of styles to chose from, many of which identically mimic real wood counterparts. Vinyl technology has truly come a long way in the past few years, we guarantee your guests won’t guess they’re walking on Vinyl flooring. We sell cuts that are either tiles or sheets. During your design consolation with one of our trained professionals we’ll help you decide on the best style and cut of Vinyl for your project.

After choosing your style, cut, and Vinyl manufacturer comes the money talk, here’s where we shine as Pompano’s most affordable Vinyl flooring company. Our valued relationships with wholesale distributors allow us to purchase materials for less than our competitors, and in turn we can pass those savings to you. We offer financing options through GE Capital, including flexible plans to pay over time. Additionally, as we pointed out in the quality description of Vinyl flooring, with proper care your new floors will outlast your financing payments, many styles even holding lifetime warranties. We’ll be here should anything ever go wrong.  



Come down to C. Harris Flooring and ask our experts more about Vinyl flooring. If you decide on another type of flooring- hardwood, laminate, or carpet, let us prove our reliability and affordably with those products as well. You won’t be disappointed!